Conferences and Atlas Talks

Throughout the year, Atlas hosts conferences and participates in global events as a way to connect with and educate others about current trends in material testing as well as technological advancements in testing instrumentation and methods. Our goal in any event that we host is to bring accomplished technical and industry experts together with participants in forums that promote an exchange of ideas, where speakers and attendees alike benefit from a collective knowledge base. In addition, Atlas' experienced staff participates in workshops and conferences held globally where we can share our expertise in the areas of weathering and material durability testing with others.

Below you will find a list of Atlas hosted conferences you can attend as well as speaking events where you can meet our staff. We hope to see you there

Datum Veranstaltung Ort Redner Titel der Präsentation
Mar 27-29, 2019 48th annual GUS conference Karlsruhe/Germany Dr.Florian Feil Die Reproduzierbarkeit von Bewitterungsprüfungen: Ursachen und Maßnahmen
Jan 01, 0001